by Ray Saitz

   Online is a column which appears in the Peterborough Examiner three Thursdays per month.

I am a retired Secondary School teacher who lives in Peterborough, Ontario. The column is based on the Internet and ranges from useful sites to controversial or topical items of interest to those who use the Internet casually or intensely. 

The column has appeared regularly since 1998, with the only exceptions being major holidays.

       I'm always looking to expand the horizons of the column.  Feel free to contact me with any requests for syndication or re-printing at


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Confused about the Internet?

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Badly configured programs?

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  • Internet instruction

  • Personalized help with computer problems


Send me an e-mail or call me at 705 749 0429.


Here are the links contained in recent articles in The Peterborough Examiner.  


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Archive of 2018 Columns

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