0-10 Pts

11-20 Pts

21-25 Pts


Lines not written down and/or spoken correctly; Uses less than 12 lines

Lines copied correctly but not spoken correctly; Uses more than 15 lines

Lines copied correctly, no mistakes in speech; Uses precisely 12-15 lines


Lines chosen randomly or with no respect to personality of the character

Some lines appropriate but some appear to be chosen for reasons other than to reveal personality

Lines clearly reveal personality traits of the character


Provides no justification for line sequencing or sequencing is inappropriate (e.g., chronological)

Sequencing is appropriate but not creative in approach to speaking (e.g., simply take turns speaking)

Line sequencing reflects thought; Has purpose of eliciting a particular response from the listener; Uses variety of speaking techniques (e.g., simultaneous reading, repetition of lines)


Not entertaining, no change in inflection or pitch of voice; Uses few or no movements; Does not produce intended response from listeners; One or both do not stay in character throughout; Little or no rehearsal evident

Mildly entertaining but not all lines spoken with variance in pitch and inflection; Uses few movements or uses movements that arenít linked to the lines; Produces some intended response from listeners; Some rehearsal evident

Very engaging and entertaining for listeners, lines spoken with emotion, varying pitch and inflection appropriately; Movements clearly linked to the lines, uses variety of movements; Intended response is elicited from listeners; Well-rehearsed


Pair didnít work well together; Didnít share work; One person does too much preparation or performance

Pair shared work, but simply split it up rather than working on each part together

Pair worked well together and shared work throughout the project