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Library Orientation

    This is a low key way to introduce a junior grade to the library and throw in some rudimentary computer research skills at the same time. Take it up in the library either during the same period or the next day.

Using the Library Media Center

       Harriett Hyman is a media specialist at Johnsonville High School  in the small rural district  of Florence, South Carolina.   This orientation is much more intensive  than mine above;  she uses it for her Grade nines.  You will be able to adapt the handout for use in your library very simply by inserting some call letters and substituting any books which you do not have.  Harriett can be reached at  HEHyman@aol.com

Research Unit

    As part of a Grade 9 research unit, I had to teach the students the basics of searching and I had to introduce the unit without any computers. This short introduction involves a work sheet which supports the board notes and a short test which I can evaluate.

Metric in the Library

    This is a unit which I developed to get a Grade 9 science class into the library, re-inforce a unit of study, and provide orientation at the same time. Each student came to the library equipped with a metric tape measure and the worksheet. Later, in the same period, I took it up. Some of the small, previously hidden books that they found were amazing discoveries and they really got to investigate the library. Oh yes, my library has tropical plants in it -- if you don't, then you can substitute furniture or shelving or computers or just about anything that stands up.

Science and Technology-- Monsters We Have Created

        This is another lesson from Lorne Warwick. Lorne says that he uses the lesson after studying Hawthorne's "The Birthmark" or Shelley's "Frankenstein". However, I think that it would be an extremely educational follow-up to any unit involving science fiction or modern problems. I have included Lorne's instructions for the lesson, his handout for the class as well as a list of brainstorming terms. As a teacher-librarian, I can also visualize this as a very effective instrument for teaching or refining library research skills. You can contact Lorne at lorne.warwick@hwcn.org

The Library Challenge       

    Debbie McCarson of Sewell, NJ started a library at her kids' elementary school and now two years' later she is the school's librarian and has over 3000 books, videos and other resources. I know that this is an elementary library activity but I think that it would be a fun activity, with a purpose of course, for almost any school.   Debbie can be reached at Micah6n8@aol.com

The T-shirt Bookmark

    This lesson, submitted by Susan Johnson who is a librarian at 2 elementary schools in Kent, Ohio, teaches students research and analysis within a creative framework.  However, it has a real crowd-pleasing personalized t-shirt as the final product.  Susan can be contacted at   djohnson@ezo.net

Fiction Book Retrieval Relay 

     Emma Austin, who teaches in a mixed comprehensive in South West London, England, cautions that this lesson requires careful planning before hand but the "students thoroughly enjoyed this lesson and have since applied their skills for finding books to read for pleasure."  Emma also added that if the lesson is  "as clear as mud, please contact me for clearer explanations" at emma@austin11.fsnet.co.uk 

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