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    These are links to exceptional lesson or information sites.  The list will grow as time goes on.  If you would like a link to a site, e-mail me but keep in mind that there are several restrictions.  This page is for links to lesson plans or lesson ideas, and the material must be free, of reasonably high quality, and aimed at an intermediate or senior level (grade 7 and up).

  The ABCs of the Writing Process

    By clicking on any one of the five steps -- prewriting, writing, revising, editing or publishing -- you will be taken into a world of ideas to help you along your way.

  The BBC  Education Web Guide

    The venerable British institution has a plethora of links and lesson plans.


There are many free and low-cost options for those looking to learn English as a Second Language (ESL). Many of these free options are online.

Breaking News English

        Sean Banville's site contains current events lesson plans. The topics and lessons could be a tremendous resource for discussion and writing topics.  The lesson plans are current and contain a news article, listening (MP3 file), communication activities, pair work, discussion, reading and vocabulary exercises. Classroom handouts are reproducible in Word and PDF.

 English -- All About the English Language

        If you have any questions about English pronunciation, vocabulary, or grammar, then this is the site for you.  It's filled with online guides to just about everything you need to know, such as what constitutes an adjunct or how to conjugate a tricky irregular verb.  The site could also help you create tons of worksheets to keep your students on their toes.

  English as a Second Language Learning Materials:  Free and Handy

        This is a huge and comprehensive page for numerous tips and information relating to ESL grammar basics and English vocabulary.

    Medieval Resources

    If a student is truly going to understand and appreciate Shakespeare, it is mandatory that the student understands medieval society.  This site by the Annenberg/CPB Project  has informative and very interesting information about all aspects of medieval society.  One of its highlights is the interactive part of the medical page where you can pretend to be a medieval doctor and cure your patients of the usual scourges of the middle ages.

 A Resource Guide to Writing Basics

This guide is at a website called Wristband Express but you don't need to need a wristband or buy anything to take advantage of the diverse and great links to writing resources. 


Short Poems by Marinela Reka

If you're looking for some inspiration or model poems for your students, then take a look at Marinela's impressive site featuring numerous poems written by the young and creative Marinela. 

Apple  Web English Teacher

This is a very impressive, and large site, by Carla Beard, which includes just about "something for everyone" who teaches English.  

Apple Writing Fix

    This site is sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project and the National Writing Project and includes a large assortment of writing ideas, starters, links and a lot more which should be of invaluable assistance to teachers and students alike. 

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